In May of 2000 four fathers came together to discus the possibility of forming an NFL Fathers organization. A follow-up meeting was held in Chicago during the month of July to further develop this idea along with identifying what would later become the mission and purpose of this organization of men.

After agreeing that the foundation had been established it was determined that Chicago would be the home state of the newly formed National Football Players Fathers Association (NFPFA). The initial president would be the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback dad, Samuel McNabb.

Over the past few years a number of dads representing several NFL teams came together annually to have more discussions and dialogue about improving the purpose of this association. Our primary goal is to establish a fathers association that exemplify good character and promote responsibility and commitment with the idea in mind of working to help our sons maximize their potential both on and off the field.

Committee Chairs

Albert Foster – Director

John Clay – Fundraising

Administrative Staff


Curtis Randle-El – President/Treasurer
Nate Clements – Vice President/Board of Directors
Ronald Jones – Secretary
Samuel McNabb – Assistant Treasurer
Vernon Shazier-Family Counseling
Ronald Jones – Family Counseling/Advising
Kimberly Haynes ESQ – Attorney

Keenan Caldwell – Staff Director



Board of Directors

Albert Foster – Director
Randy Bailey – Director
Joseph Hill – Director
Kimberly Haynes ESQ – Secretary



​The NFPFA was created to provide mentorship, technical assistance, and community programs to support our sons in any professional football or athletic associations, and sons who desire to have a positive male figure in his life.



Bringing fathers, mentors, and sons together to have an impact on the community. Our goal is to empower professional football players, student athletes, and parents with the necessary tools and resources to reach their full potential on and off the field.